Science and advanced tech can make for some amazing magic tricks. Here are 10 amazing real life science magic tricks that that play on our expectations of how the world works.
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The Action Lab 'Self pouring Liquid':

Be Amazed at these Top 10 Real Life Science Magic Tricks That Are AMAZING! Melting metal using magnetic fields - Magnets have been the go to science party trick for a long time. If you want something a bit more hardcore than just moving things from a distance, yet still fundamentally simple, then you've just gotta melt that metal baby! 'Transmuting' Pennies into Silver and Gold - The art of transmutation is an ancient discipline in alchemy that teaches the transformation of metals, from a lesser one, to a more precious form. The Blue Bottle Reaction - Mixing and matching fluids in vials and beakers is as stereotypical as any chemistry trick can get. But, this one is indeed rather amazing, because the trick, once taken to its necessary steps, actually completes on its own… many, many times over. Bending Light Using Water - Common senses tells us that light isn't typically tangible enough to be held and bent around. But we've already known several ways to circumvent this idea. The Magnus Effect - Wings are an essential part of any airplane. Even helicopters follow this rule, only it spins around its rotor instead of being attached to the sides.

Floating Screw Driver - Now for some workshop-related party trick. The floating screw driver trick isn't exactly new, and at a glance, probably doesn't even look as astonishing compared to other entries in this list. What you need is a compressed air blower, and a screwdriver. Make a Liquid Pour by Itself - If you find all the previous setups too bothersome to prepare so far, then this very easy and effortless trick can still make you and your audience's science nerves tingle. The Fire Hands Trick - Okay, now on to something even more dazzling. This next trick involves soap, water, and any type of flammable gas such as butane than can be delivered into the mixture. Dousing Candles Like a Psychic - If you ever need to put out fires like the one lit for the previous trick, then a good related trick is to put them all out using nothing, but pouring a mystical force… and some well-made carbon dioxide. The Pharaoh's Serpent - Long ago, in the distant, and ancient land of Egypt, there was one legendary feat of sorcery that was told and handed down through the generations.

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